TekCollect’s Fixed Fee Promotes Early Placement

Conventional agencies charge 33 to 50% for collection services. TekCollect’s Binary Program features a fixed fee of typically less than 10%. That’s less than it costs for you to pursue accounts using internal resources. And because you’re an MIBA member, you’ll enjoy a 20% discount on our already low fixed fee.

Our economical rate encourages early placement. And that’s the philosophy behind our approach. When you submit accounts early in the delinquency cycle, it increases the success rate for contacting debtors and generating prompt payment. Portfolios liquidate at a quicker and higher rate, ensuring maximum returns. And your valued customers respond positively, reducing the risk of alienation and loss of future business.

Case Studies
Case Study
With TekCollect, a prominent community bank receives higher recovery results in one year than competitors generated in the last 10 combined.
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